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Anne-Marie LEBLIC
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Since 1991
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Enjoy discovering beautiful Normandy with our guided tours.
Visit Normandy. Our guides will make it Easy and Fun for you
Anne Marie LEBLIC guidages touristiques et conseils . Nous vous proposons un grand choix de guidage pour vos excursions, sejours et voyages à thémes sur la normandie


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You will learn even more and you will be well informed on the glorious history of this part of France.
Plenty of choices: full day trips, week tours, private tours for individuals and parties.
From your hotel, your ship gangway, your river-cruise boat or your railway station to main stops as:
Anne-Marie LEBLIC, Guidages touristiques & conseils :Particuliers, Agences de voyages, Autocaristes, Tours Operators,organisez vos visites en Normandie avec le savoir-faire de professionnels.
- ROUEN, the capital of Normandy where Johan of Arc was burnt
              at the stake
- CAEN and the Landing Beaches
- BAYEUX and its famous tapestry
- Mont Saint Michel and the Marvel
- The Seine River Valley
- LISIEUX and St Therese of the little flower ‘s home
- Impressionist Normandy with Giverny and Monet
- Normandy of the Novelists :
   Flaubert, Maupassant, Victor Hugo
            And lots of other highlights are waiting for you

Visitez la Normandie accompagné d'un guide touristique
Possibilities of extension towards the Loire Valley Castles and Paris.
Limousine service, station wagon, buses and lounge bus services available.
Our guides are licensed by the French State Tourism Secretariat Ministry

Normandie vision . Guidages touristiques et conseils.
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